Print to different trays in NAV – Part 4

This post is part of a series of posts where I explain how to print to different trays in NAV.

  1. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 1
  2. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 2
  3. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 3
  4. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 4

In this forth and last part, we’ll simply print a sales invoice respecting the following requirements:

  1. The first page should print from first tray where we will use a colored paper,
  2. The last page should print from second tray where we will use preprinted paper where we can read general terms and conditions in the back,
  3. Other pages should print from the lower tray for example.

To fulfill this requirement, we’ll use the options already described in Part 1.

For test purpose, I will save report “Sales – Invoice” (ID 206) under a new name and number. I’ll adjust properties as below:

  • PaperSourceFirstPage  = Custom 2,
  • PaperSourceDefaultPage = Lower,
  • PaperSourceLastPage = Custom 3.

Then I’ll create an invoice, post, and print it. Voilà !

Sources and examples are available here.

That’s great. But when you print multiple invoices or when you print multiple copies of your invoice, you’ll quickly notice that NAV does not pages in the right trays.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation in Windows Client / RTC because:

  • RDLC does not support PAPERSOURCE,
  • RDLC uses report properties for physical pages only.

Of course, this limitation is not relevant for NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client and older versions because you can force PAPERSOURCE in the code.

But hey, you should upgrade your NAV if you still use NAV 2009 R2 or older. So, you’ll face these limitations soon 😀

This was the last part of this blog post series. I hope it will help someone. Please share your ideas or just say hello if you like my work.

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