This post is part of a series of posts where I explain how to print to different trays in NAV.

  1. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 1
  2. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 2
  3. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 3
  4. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 4

In this third part, we’ll see how you can find what are available trays in your printer.

To do this, I will explain two solutions.

Solution 1:

This solution is based on a simple tool called “FindTrays”. This tool was kindly shared by Timo Lässer from German NAV community You can directly download FindTrays from this link.

You can get available trays by executing this command line:

.\FindTrays.exe “MyPrinterName” > .\AvailableTrays.txt

How do you get your printer’s name? Simple, just go to your printer properties and you’ll find it under the general tab.

Solution 2:

The second solution I suggest is based on NAV. The idea is to create a simple report that prints the tray number using:

  • PAPERSOURCE function for NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client and older version,
  • Properties PaperSourceFirstPage, PaperSourceDefaultPage and PaperSourceLastPage for version with Windows Client / RTC (i.e. NAV 2013 and later).

Sources and examples are available for download here. Enjoy!

In the fourth part, we’ll apply what we learned, and we’ll discuss some NAV limitations.

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