As we all know, Microsoft stated that “Using Limit totals to is not supported. Use Filter on column instead” in Feature Limitations of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client.

We also know that accountant massively uses this functionality, among others. One of my customers said to me: I like the new web client, but I missed my flowfilters.

Such a waste! RIP CTRL+F7 & SHIFT+F7 :'(


If you also missed those two lovely buttons from Dynamics NAV 2009 (Classic Client) and older versions… Well, today we will resurrect them.

Today, I’ll show you how to combine those two powerful functions into one tiny powerful function (just like Goku and Vegeta’s fusion 😛 ; don’t mind if you don’t know Dragon Ball).

Enough bla bla bla. The new “Table Filters” looks like this in the Web Client. It also works on Windows Client:


The trick consists of a simple action “TableFilters” you can add to every page on your database. You do not need to modify or adapt the code to fit other pages based on different tables.

Here is the complete code:


Do not worry, I will not let you write the code again and try to guess the variable types 😉

Here is the Page 16 as an example tablefilter. I also included the code for NAV 2013 as it needed some rework.

Of course, I’ll let you enhance my “Table Filter” 😉

Hey Microsoft, could you include this (or something like this) in all pages for new NAV versions?

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