This post is part of a series of posts where I explain how to print to different trays in NAV.

  1. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 1
  2. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 2
  3. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 3
  4. Print to different trays in NAV – Part 4

In this first part, we’ll quickly talk about options available in NAV that allow printing to different trays.

First, let’s check properties of report “Sales – Invoice” (ID 206):


As you can see there are three properties that will allow you select the tray where the page should print. Below, you can read help from MSDN:

  1. PaperSourceFirstPage Property
  2. PaperSourceDefaultPage Property
  3. PaperSourceLastPage Property

Available values for each property are described here: Paper Sources and Tray Numbers This link refers to “Norway Local Functionality”, though it explains all available trays numbers in any NAV database (W1 and Localizations).

P.S: In NAV 2009 R2 and older versions, the available options are PaperSourceFirstPage and PaperSourceOtherPages.

In the next blog, I will explain how you can try those options without having a printer with different trays.

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